Many of our clients at Rock Trading Inc have been with us since our founding, and the majority have been with us for years. We often manage assets for multiple generations of families, which allows us to provide additional services and take a big picture approach. It provides opportunities to facilitate effective communication about matters like estate planning and saving for education. Second and third generation clients tend to start saving for retirement at a younger age, which ensures a more secure financial future. The power of compounding returns is strong, and many young people miss out on this opportunity.

We service a diverse clientele. Some have inherited their wealth, and others have earned it through hard work as business owners, entrepreneurs and professionals. All share the same fears and aspirations, and look forward to a financially secure future for both themselves and their offspring. Where clients wish to give back, we support them by helping to establish and manage the most appropriate vehicle to achieve their philanthropic visions.

We take a holistic approach to client service, and take great pride in using our financial competencies to help our clients live rich and full lives. We take the greatest pride, of course, when our clients refer other clients to us. It is the greatest compliment, and lets us know we are doing our job.


We start every new client relationship with the same process, whether you?re a third generation referral or you walked into our offices off the street. We need to know who you are in order to know how best to manage your wealth. New clients can expect an in-depth discussion with their investment advisor about matters pertaining to expected returns, their tolerance for volatility and investment risk, and their future needs for income.

Topics discussed with new clients include:

Risk Tolerance: How much price volatility are you comfortable with on a regular basis?

Time Horizon: What is the timeline of your personal and business financial goals? Do you have any upcoming lump sum liquidity needs – for example for tuition or a real estate purchase? If so, when?

Income Needs: Will you, either now or in the future, require regular investment income? Would it be monthly, quarterly or annually?

Once we understand your investment profile, we will develop a specific investment plan which will include details about the best asset mix to achieve your goals. We help you to complete all necessary paperwork and take care of transferring assets into your new account. Your investment advisor will look at your overall current holdings and sell any securities that do not fit into your investment plan. Going forward we review your portfolio regularly to make sure it reflects your expectations and financial circumstances. This ongoing communication also ensures that we are aware of any material changes in your life, particularly those that can affect your investments and overall financial situation.

To buy when others are despondently selling and to sell when others are greedily buying requires the greatest fortitude and pays the greatest reward.” – John Templeton